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According to a study, more than 78% of the global internet users watch videos online each week which makes video marketing an important part of your business’ digital marketing strategy.

A video provides voice and a face for your business and increases your website’s SEO score. Landing page conversions can be increased by 80% by adding a video to a landing page. Moreover, inclusion of video in a marketing email has resulted in the click-through-rate increasing by 200-300% for many businesses. We offer video production services to help your business grow exponentially.

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Providing all 2D and 3D chops required for the development of animation videos come to life, Mount Digital has a team of experts familiar with animation techniques and years of industry experience under their belt. Motion graphics and animation videos add a creative and competitive advantage in engaging your audiences.

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With the ever-growing popularity of social media video marketing, today’s businesses need to invest more into video production services to create highly engaging content which can drive more user action. Social videos act as a catalyst in driving viewers closer to the buying cycle and they also impact brand perception in a positive manner.


Brand and product demo videos can give a detailed description of your products or services in a dynamic and powerful way. This mode of video development conveys understanding to the viewer. Our team of expert professionals have the relevant skills required for video creation which meet the client requirement criteria.

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Explainer videos are one of the most creative animation videos which are used regularly by companies of all sizes to do their product/service marketing. Even the search engines look for videos in online content, ranking video based content higher than image and text based content. Some of the types of explainer videos that we develop for our clients are financial videos, Healthcare videos, and Technology videos.


Live video streaming is changing the way brands market themselves to their customers. A live video has the capability to engage viewers in real time which is not possible elsewhere. Broadcasting live videos can increase the sales intent by 97% and brand association by 139% among your potential customers. Over 70% of B2B businesses are today using live video streaming to bring a positive impact on their ROI.

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This is one task which is performed almost continuously during the whole process. We check continuously to ensure that there are no broken links, every form is working as required, our code quality meets the globally accepted standards, cross browser compatibility, module integrations, etc. Once all testing procedures are complete and the website is free of bugs, we deploy the website code to your hosting server and does a final test run.


A website once built and hosted live, does not guarantee a fool-proof service delivery. A website, like any other technology, is bound to have scope for improvement and the same can be implemented to your website via a feedback system which can detect or recognize the problems which might arise for end-users of your website. We ensure that your website is continuously kept under watch to take care of any possible malfunctions that might arise for users. Also, we take regular backups and do server clean-up activities to ensure that your website remains fast and up-to-date.

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Customer testimonial videos are the best way to let viewers know what your present and past customers think of you. Showcasing some of your happiest and most successful customers on the screen sends out a strong and powerful message with regards to your products or services. The best client video testimonial makes use of the client sharing their problem and how your business overcame that problem for the client.


For the transformation of your digital marketing campaigns into relevant, engaging and ROI driven marketing, we at Mount Digital provide end-to-end personalized video development and marketing services to inspire your customers personally and leverage real time user data to unlock your business value.

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