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A website is the first brand visibility for any business.

Hence, having a strong web presence with an eye-catching and mobile responsive design is a must for businesses today.We, at Mount Digital, help you exactly with this – to design, develop and deploy a stunning and fully functional website for your business. All our website design and development projects are run using the following process: Analysis, Planning, Design, Content, Development, Testing, and Maintenance.

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We gather your website requirements such as what features are required, what design and layout you want, how the navigation will work, how does it offer value to your business and its users. This task is performed to get a most clear understanding of your requirements. These requirements are then carefully analysed to prepare a workflow process which is communicated via documents and wireframes for the website and its components in the next step.

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In the planning phase, we decide on the workflow process with timelines and deliverables. The Mount Digital team creates data which allow you to understand how the entire website will look like. On the basis of the information gathered in the Analysis phase, we create a sitemap for your website which describes how the main modules of the website will be connected to each other. Based on the sitemap, we do the wire framing wherein we create mock-ups (or sketch layouts) of your website screens.


In the design phase, the tasks required for the website will start taking shape. All visual graphic content, such as images, are created for the website. The website design team will work on designing the web pages for your website with proper layout elements and colour theme. Once this is done, we share the updates for you to be able to share your feedback. On the basis of your feedback, we will implement the updates in the design and this cycle goes on until the final designs meet your requirements.

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The role of content in a website development project is an important one. It helps you to communicate with your target audience the very reason why you built this website for your business. It involves creating impressive headlines, new text content, and compilation of existing text. This takes effort and time and as such should be done before or during the website development is completed.


At this point, we create the functional website itself. This process makes use of the graphic elements that have been previously designed in the DESIGN process. For the user front end, we develop the homepage first and then the subsequent pages as per the sitemap developed in the PLANNING phase. These static pages are integrated and tested for any bugs which, if found, are resolved simultaneously. Also, the back-end development for Database and Admin Panel is done in this step.

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This is one task which is performed almost continuously during the whole process. We check continuously to ensure that there are no broken links, every form is working as required, our code quality meets the globally accepted standards, cross browser compatibility, module integrations, etc. Once all testing procedures are complete and the website is free of bugs, we deploy the website code to your hosting server and does a final test run.


A website once built and hosted live, does not guarantee a fool-proof service delivery. A website, like any other technology, is bound to have scope for improvement and the same can be implemented to your website via a feedback system which can detect or recognize the problems which might arise for end-users of your website. We ensure that your website is continuously kept under watch to take care of any possible malfunctions that might arise for users. Also, we take regular backups and do server clean-up activities to ensure that your website remains fast and up-to-date.

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